Los Angeles Workers Assembly

Located at the Harriet Tubman Center 5278 W Pico Blvd L.A. 90019 tel: 323 306-6240

Help campaign for a city-wide $15/hr Minimum Wage Immediately!

L.A. Workers Assembly is petitioning to put a measure on the ballot that will provide a living wage for more than 800,000 workers!
Get more information about the campaign here - gather signatures in your neighborhood, at your church, union meeting or school!


Los Angeles Annual Mayday March

Organized by Union del Barrio, Friday, May 1st @ 4 pm at MacArthur Park

L.A. Workers Assembly Public Meeting: A Turning Point for Low-Wage Workers

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 @ 4 pm

Speakers include: John Parker, L.A. Workers Assembly, initiator of $15 minimum wage ballot drive; Martha Sellers, OURWalmart organizer, Walmart worker; Dante Strobino, Field Organizer, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers; Edgar Melina Gonzalez, Leader in Fight for 15 Campaign, fast food worker; Sandra Castro, SEIU United Long Term Care Workers organizer